Photos To Art : Mobile - 2013
UX & Product Management

Repeatedly featured on the App Store home page.'s most popular mobile app. Photos to Art takes your Instagram, FaceBook, and iPhone photos, then allows you to visualize them on your walls in your home. When your ready... More

SmartFIT PhotoBooks - 2012
Kodak Gallery
UX & Product Management

SmartFIT Photobooks increased conversion and decreased book creation time by giving the user a better starting point. SmartFIT first looks the capture dates, colors, captions, and shapes associated with photos. SmartFIT then automatically lays out a complete photobook. Once laid out.. More

Photobooks - 2011
Kodak Gallery
UX & Visual Design

Kodak Gallery's browser based Photobook creation software. Redesigned and refactored in 2011 to allow for WYSIWYG photo editing and layout editing. More

Photo Cards
Kodak Gallery
User Experience & Visual Design

Kodak's greeting card catalog was massive. We needed to get users to relevant content quickly, then help them collect and compare... More

Photo Sharing
Kodak Gallery / Ofoto
User Experience & Visual Design

Share, comment, and edit photos with friends. When you're ready, combine your photos with your friends and build the perfect slideshow or Photobook. More

MSL Design
User Experience

Early Smart Camera concept designed for Canon. Adventure's touch display / viewfinder wirelessly paired with separate rugged camera. With Adventurer one could deploy a remote camera device in awkward or dangerous locations, then control that device a remote OLED smart watch. More

Reveal Imaging Technology
Reveal CT Baggage Inspection
User Experience & Visual Design

Working with the department of Homeland Security, we redesigned the airport checkpoint to speed up lines, reduce intrusive baggage searches, and find weapons a human screener would often miss. More

UX, Identity Design & Web Development

Designpool's website and marketing materials were designed around a metaphor of small droplets combining to form a larger body of water. As single droplets add to a pool, single businesses and their communication programs can create ripples of social, environmental and economic change. More

Brand & Visual Identity

Rebrand work done for the Bay Area Video Coalition. Early visual explorations used puzzle like shapes to emphasize BAVC's focus on Audio Video (A/V) education and with BAVC's tag line, "the intersection of arts and technology." More