Hi, I’m Patrick!

I’m an Oakland product designer with over 20 years experience in product design leadership. I’m passionate in building teams and delightful experiences that are informed with empathy, data, and the needs of a growing business.

I’ve had the privilege of working on consumer and enterprise products which have allowed people to express themselves, connect with loved ones, grow businesses, and save lives. I love people, products, and what I do for a living!

Management Style


Empathy & Respect

Empathy and respect sit at the core of any good product team and its work. Understanding the needs and struggles of a business’s users provide a product team with purpose, direction, and inspiration. 

Moreover, a healthy motivated team is almost always comprised of people that feel safe, trusted, accountable, and empowered to do what they do well. That means creating environments where people feel listened to, empathized with, challenged and given a clear vision that they can take ownership of.


Holistic Insight

Understanding the customer lies at the heart of every successful product. That said, successful product design can’t just be grounded in qualitative user research. It needs to be informed by quantitative data and an understanding of the greater impact to a business. 

A holistic diagnosis of a problem or opportunity leads to informed design decisions, intricate solutions, as well as effortless roadmap alignment among product and leadership teams. 


Lean & Agile UX

I take pride in guiding teams in how to produce customer and business value sooner rather than later. That means helping teams to visualize what a coherent strategic vision looks like, while also ensuring that solutions can be designed with measurable milestones and tests in mind. That allows us to learn faster, adapt quicker, and swiftly deliver value to businesses and end users.