Art_PDP.jpg Product Page (2018)

Product & Experience Manager

The genesis of this project was to narrow a NPS, conversion and AOV gap between desktop and mobile experiences. Although the company had made some large strides on mobile, mobile still dragged a bit. The remaining performance gap became an increasing concern as iOS and Android started to become the primary e-commerce platform in many countries. 

During insight gathering (SessionCam, Google Analytics, and internal sales data) we discovered a basic “paradox of choice" conundrum. Customers clamored for a multitude of options, but when given those options, they had a high likely hood to fatigue. Moreover, when customers did convert, their purchases usually gravitated around a small subset of the product and feature catalog. 90% of the purchases were of 10% of the catalog. 

Knowing this, we were able to design a bespoke experience that focused on what most customers were purchasing. We were able to eliminate friction, and since we were not building a broad feature set, focus on details that would’ve otherwise fallen to the sideline. Our end result was an experience which didn’t result in mobile conversion rate changes, but saw 15% gains to average order value and net profit per visitor.