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User Experience Manager

Challenge: Although had made some large strides on mobile, its mobile customers were still spending less than desktop customers. This was of particular concern to me since mobile was evolving into the dominant source of traffic for the business.

Outcome: During insight gathering (SessionCam, Google Analytics, surveying, and more) I discovered a basic “paradox of choice" conundrum when it came to framing art. A sizable vocal chunk of our customers wanted the business to carry a broad selection of framing options. However, the majority of customers only purchased 10% of the business’ available frames. They also tended to fatigue when they were given too many options - and that fatigue disproportionately targeted mobile users. Knowing this I focused the team on designing and testing a variety of workflows which simplified the framing experience, stepped out the configuration process, and or could progressively expose more complexity if the customer desired it.

Impact: The end result was an experience which AB tested with a 15% jump in net profit per mobile visitor. That jump was entirely driven by more customers deciding to buy a frame with their purchase. 

Role: In this project I served a hybrid UX and PM role. That consisted of directing multiple experience designers while also temporarily backfilling for an open PM role from inception to launch.