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Artview & Gallery Wall Designer (2017)

Product & Experience Manager

Featured in: New York Times, Tech Crunch, Domino, Medium

In late 2017 we replatformed’s native iOS experience and took the opportunity to focus on several long-observed customer problems. Most notably, customers have always had a difficult time visualizing wall decor in their home, and an even harder time arranging multiple pieces of decor on a single wall. 

With’s new app we introduced ArtView, one of the world’s first vertical plane AR solutions, and the first with an experience capable of displaying products on a completely blank wall. 

The latest incarnation of the native app also marked the debut of’s Gallery Wall Designer. When someone hangs three or more pieces of art on the same wall there are almost always two massive pain-points. It’s hard to find art that looks good together, and it’s even harder to hang it. With Gallery Wall designer customers could swipe through art, frame and layout recommendations that were all consistent with a particular ascetic. Users could then use AR to preview that art in their space, and once the art finally arrived, use an included hanging guide which told you where to place the nails on your wall. 

The 2017-18 incarnation of’s native experience has been routinely featured in the App Store as one of Apple’s flagship AR experiences. Furthermore, it has had a conversion rate that is 4x to 5x higher than its desktop web counterpart.