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AR & Wall Designer

User Experience Manager

Featured in: New York Times, Tech Crunch, Domino, Medium

Challenge: People who purchase wall decor often struggle to imagine how a piece will work within their space or along side other pieces of wall decor.

Outcome: This project resulted in the design of two industry-first companion experiences - ArtView AR and Gallery Wall Designer. Gallery Wall Designer was the first tool to allow people to quickly design collections of artwork which adhered to a unifying theme, mood, and layout. ArtView AR, allowed people to view and edit Art and Gallery Walls, in real time, on their empty walls. 

Impact:’s App has routinely had a conversion rate that is 5x to 6x higher than its web counterpart. 40% of app users engage with ArtView within’s app, and the app is routinely featured in the App Store as one of Apple’s flagship AR experiences. 

Role: ArtView and Gallery Wall Designer were designed and product managed by me with close partnerships from Apple and’s engineering, merchandising, operations, and marketing teams.